Just a Glimpse

I started my career in The Adult industry right away and fell in love with the life style. It became more then the money, more then the sex, but the day to day grind and discipline that made it so intriguing, don’t get me wrong the money & sex was great too but that is not what kept me involved it was and is The lifestyle. I learned right away you have to work just as hard, if not harder then you play to get ahead in this business and i Play Hard! I Have to admit, initially it was definitely the money that interested me, I didn’t really take the “Career” as seriously as i should have. I thought it would just be a quick way to come up, so i gave myself a 3 year max plan and i was off to L.A. (I will fill in the gap of time, some other time)

Let’s just start from now then….years later! Obviously I had miss calculated and had no idea what i was in for; The Ride of My Life, which has landed me here with Raydolls.com as a Co- owner of A few sites including Raydolls.com, TinaMariexxx.com,and RaydollsHouse.com, an affiliate with RaydollsCash program and also Tampa’s Raydolls Cam Studio manager and I’m still modeling! I Live and breath this Business.
There is still so much to be done and a lot to learn.

The Raydolls Cam studio has become my most favorite project. I’ve been doing LIVE Cam for four years on a site that was first called “LiveFromHome” and It’s basically solo masturbation in a private show, We changed the game though bringing unity, we worked together, and being the only company providing that unity on a daily basis we revolutionized the cam world which is divided. “United we rise, divided we Fall!” We ( My Business partners & I)developed Raydolls.com with an official logo that has since grown into a very well known logo in the Cam world.
Britney Jay and I (Tina Marie) were the only two girls on the whole system to start.
I would work from 10am to 10pm and pass the baton to her for a late night shift this lasted about a year as girls slowly started to join the system and and then the site changed it’s name from LiveFromHome to The Official “NAKED.COM” and we became affiliates with our white label “RaydollsLIVE.com”

We became known as The Dream studio. Girls would come & go, other studios came & went. The Raydolls remain The Most consistent Cam girls, Most reliable and most definitely Exclusive and loyal studio to NAKED.COM. Raydolls are not just Cam girls who work with a studio, We Raydolls Live and breath this lifestyle together and broadcast our world LIVE. I Personally have trained and taught techniques and tricks of the trade to every girl that has cammed threw Raydolls.com as we grew with NAKED.COM we Developed our own site RaydollsHouse.com and our Member sites including TinaMariexxx.com , BritneyJay.com , RaydollsParties , and RaydollsElite.com

I am So very proud of how far we all have come with this company i love the people involved. It has taken blood sweat and tears to get to here, 4 years later.
I am still in love with camming and the Lifestyle is what it’s all about. We are a group of girls ready to show the world what we are made of and what we have endured and survived is our drive that keeps us going, that and the fans are amazing 🙂


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